Welcome to the First Romanian Baptist Church of Atlanta! FRBCA, as it is commonly known, was founded in 1984 by Pastor Martian Cocian.  Born out of a passionate vision for a Romanian Baptist church community, Pastor Martian packed up his dream and moved his extended family from Chicago to the rolling hills of Atlanta. Here, Pastor Martian Cocian began a work that would soon see the hope of Romanian believers unite together in one place, for the cause of Christ’s call to action. And thus, our story began…

As with all new beginnings, the initial church members were few. But God is faithful when His people gather in His name. For we know that “where two or three gather in my name, there I am also.” (Matthew 18:20) The church soon grew rapidly, as Romanian immigrants from the homeland and from across the U.S. traveled south to settle in Georgia. Here, they saw an opportunity to start a life, a family and a way to live out their faith.

Most of our members were born in Romania or born of Romanian parents. Many fought to flee the persecution of Communist Romania for a chance at something better. Many lived under the iron rule of dictatorship but refused to accept that oppression was the only way. They believed that America promised Christians freedom. They endeavored to secure it, overcoming obstacle and hardship on their journey.  And, as with anything worth having in life, sacrifice often accompanies it. Romanian Baptists knew a life of God’s provision in Romania but now they wanted to provide it for their children and the next generation. It is that undeterred strength that has made the First Romanian Baptist Church of Atlanta into what it is today, a living and breathing testament to God’s blessed faithfulness in our lives. Won’t you join us?